Festivals are reservoir of traditions and culture of a society. Unique and distinctive, Traditional festivals are a part of every culture. Diwali is one such traditional festival of India. The festival falls on the full moon day of Kartik and it is also considered to be the beginning of the Indian New Year. Diwali decorations, lights and fireworks are the major feature of the festivities.

Festivals are as much part of our lives as workdays. They are moments of respite from the hectic and mundane activities of day to day living. Relaxation, peace of mind and enjoyment are basic necessities of life, and festivals provide us with the time to relax and enjoy our lives. Festivals are always time for rejoicing and relaxation. They provide us with an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones and reconnect with friends and society too. Festival especially traditional ones also serve as a reservoir of the culture and heritage of a society. Every culture and society around the world has its own traditional festivals which are distinct from others. The festivals are an important part of traditions and culture; it gives the younger generation an excellent opportunity to learn about their own culture and roots. In India, with its diverse population of people from different religions, creeds and ethnicities, there are a whole lot of different traditional festivals celebrated the whole year round. And amongst them Diwali is the most popular one celebrated all over the country with lots of joy and enthusiasm.

Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights and it is celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. The celebrations symbolize the victory of light over darkness and on Diwali night one can see whole towns and cities all over the country all covered with bright lights. Diwali falls on the full moon day of Kartik and it is also the beginning of the Indian New Year. People consider the occasion as a mark of renewal and regeneration, new undertakings, business ventures and purchase of new things are usually done on Diwali.

One of the most important features of the festival is Diwalidecoration and lights. Preparation for Diwali starts weeks and even months before the festival. People clean up their houses and surroundings and decorate them with colorful rangolis and other embellishments. And on Diwali night, the premises are lighted up with candles, diyas and other shining lights. The Diwali diyas are traditional lamps filled with oil and they come in a wide variety of elegant designs.

Fire crackers are also one of the most significant features of Diwali celebrations. Kids eagerly wait for the festival so that they can take out anars, sparklers, ladis and rockets and enjoy bursting them. Fireworks also make the best Diwali gifts for children. The sound of Diwali crackers and the bright lights from the fireworks filling up the night sky have become synonymous with the festival. Although the tradition of fireworks on Diwali is comparatively recent, they have become a major part of the celebrations. Fireworks has become so essential that we cannot even imagine celebrating Diwali without them today. People even do their Diwali Crackers online shopping in advance as there is always a huge rush for fireworks during Diwali season.

Google’s next variant of its Android working framework will boast better approaches to get data, pay traders and secure protection on cell phones as the Internet organization duels with Apple in the journey to make their innovation irreplaceable.

Google offered a review of Android M, due for discharge in the not so distant future, with a redesigned adaptation of “Google Now,” the voiceinitiated partner which contends with adversaries like Apple’s products. The redesign will give Android’s own partner, Google Now, extended forces of instinct that may be welcomed as an awesome asset to some and a bit excessively unpleasant for others.


With the latest development and advancement in Technology, consumers enjoy immense benefits. What’s more, you can convenient access Amazon offers online to get heavy discounts on gadgets that will feature all the benefits of latest Android M.

Let dive into the top 3key elements in the upcoming overhaul of Android OS that will be referred to just as “M”. Introducing “Now on tap.”

At present, “Google Now” takes to a client’s advantage and propensities by examining inquiry demands and filtering messages so it can naturally introduce helpful data, for example, the most recent news around a most loved games group or to what extent it will take to get the opportunity to work.

With the M redesign, clients will have the capacity to summon “Google Now” to filter whatever substance may be on a cell phone’s screen so it can show appropriate data about the subject of a content, a melody, a feature article.

The new Android highlight, called “Now on Tap,” will be enacted by speaking, “Okay Google,” into the mic or holding down the gadget’s home button. This activity will incite “Now on Tap” to check the screen in an endeavor to make sense of how to be the most accommodating. Alternately, if talking, clients can simply say what they are looking for, for example, “who is the author?”

Moment Precision

Google is planning to give Android clients what they require at the exact minute they require it without constraining them to hopscotch starting with one application then onto the next.

Android M will incorporate a different option for the versatile installment framework that Apple presented the previous fall. Google’s reaction, called Android Pay, will swap Google Wallet for making portable buys in stores and applications. Google Wallet, which turned out in 2011, will at present work for sending installments starting with one individual then onto the next.

Like Apple’s framework, Android Pay can be utilized to store real credit card details in cell phones that can be utilized to pay traders outfitted with terminals that work with the innovation. Android Pay will likewise take a shot at gadgets running on the KitKat and Lollipop forms of Android which were launched the previous two years. You have access to specific retail website directly for using Paytm coupon codes.

Secure Privacy

Android M will be perfect with unique finger impression scanners so gadget clients can confirm their characters by squeezing a catch as opposed to entering a password.

Other than supporting unique finger impression scanners, Android M will make it simpler to clients to keep portable applications from accessing their own data. The authorization will allow access to each application if the entry is required for a particular activity. That implies Android clients won’t have to share information about their contact records, or locations until they have an application that works with it.


Changes to Android are turning out to be progressively imperative as individuals turn out to be more reliant on cell phones to deal with their lives. Both Apple and Google are competing to make their items significantly more universal by transplanting quite a bit of their portable innovation into Internet-associated gadget including vehicles and televisions.

Keeping up with their philosophy of “Never settle”, One Plus went on to launch a phone without letting their customers compromising on any feature. If you have still been contemplating with the idea of whether or not to buy this phone, here are 5 reasons you definitely should:

One Plus One

1. Lasting battery

Even with smart phones offering plethora of amazing features, most of them do not provide a good battery life. From morning to evening, there’s just so much we do on our Smartphone that the last thing we want is to be caught up in an embarrassing situation with our call getting disconnected while being in an important conversation. Say goodbye to those worries with One Plus One! The Smartphone has a powerful 3100mAh battery to help your phone last throughout the day. This beauty can be bought online at discounted prices along with the bonus of cash back by using Amazon coupons present on CashKaro.com.

2. Stunning camera

With more and more people using only their phones as cameras, they won’t take anything less than the best when it comes to purchasing a new smart phone and freezing special memories. One Plus One offers a 13 mega pixel primary camera which has a Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor with f/2.0 aperture to help you capture attractive and bright images even in low lights. The 5 mega pixel front camera is enabled with an extra-wide viewing angle to let you take in more people while taking selfies. Other features such as HDR, LED flash, digital zoom and auto focus only add to the rich photography experience. Not to forget, the 6 physical lenses here will help you capture true color images without any distorted effect.

3.Vivid display

How many times have you struggled with reading a message on your phone under the glaring light of sun? The answer might be too big to remember. Say goodbye to those problems with One Plus One! The 5.5 inch screen has a HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and the JDI screen is equipped with LTPS technology which means getting to view crisp quality images in their actual colors. The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees only makes it better. The phone also has a protection layer of Corning Gorila Glass 3 to resist scratches.

4. Quick multi-tasking

From sending mails to responding to chats, listening to songs to playing games, accessing apps to shopping on the go and transferring data to being on long calls; we are making smart use of our smartphones. When doing so much on them, we don’t want any interruption to slow down our performance and make us wait. One Plus one won’t make you wait! It is backed by Qualcom, Snapdragon. 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-Core CPU which means doing multi-tasking at a high speed without experiencing any disruptions or coming across any hurdles. If its features have tempted you but price still remains an issue for you, use these ebay coupons via CashKaro.com to get a low price!

5. Lots of space!

Since we are doing so much on our smart phones, we also need ample of space to store our never ending files. Be it our huge list of favourite songs, increasing selfies or rising rate of downloading apps; One Plus One won’t disappoint you. It provides 16GB of internal space for handling your storage needs.

These are just a few amazing features from its multitude of great features. Get it before it gone or you will have to regret later! 

In no time, Smartphones got popular all over the globe and gradually; a new market came in the front. And every smartphone manufacturer is fighting in the market, for example the fight of being best. And on the top level few brands like Samsung, Apple and LG are keeping strong place. And on the top, Samsung is ruling. Samsung fans are always waiting for a launch from the end of Samsung and now everyone is excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch.

As per the news, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be inspired by the recent launches of Samsung. Yes, we are referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. To be more specific, to the Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, which comes with two-edge curved display. And it is itself an innovation. Moreover, Samsung has used tempered glass in front and rear (the latest generation Corning Gorilla Glass 4), the device itself is not trying to slip out of hand. Justices in this regard, for example, with the iPhone 6 is much more difficult. So, somehow Samsung is managing to overcome the Apple market. And with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release, the expected market of Samsung is going to rise.

In the working with the Galaxy S6 Edge, everything runs smoother. But you have to play with your expensive beast, carefully as during the operation, of course, begin to appear small scratches on the glass, but on the white model it is very difficult to observe them. And we hope, Samsung would have a solution for this with the release of Note 5. And if we talk about the design, progress of all the physical buttons moderately soft and clear. It is easy to click them, even though the existing delicate, but still present backlash. Well, this issue is present in every phone, even if it is high-end or moderate range. We hope, some company would actually work on it and would bring the responsive buttons. However, till now there is no confirmation of such item to present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In the corners of Galaxy S6 Edge, the smooth transitions are in areas on the body, is visible gap between the glass and the metal bumper. So, overall with the innovative display, and high-class performance the Galaxy S6 Edge is ranking at the top in the smartphone era and soon this place would be own by the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Fans of compact smartphones will be happy to get the Galaxy S6 Edge, because it despite the 5.1-inch display is very compact, light and very thin. To me it seemed a smartphone too small and it would be nice if Samsung released something bigger, yes in form of Galaxy Note 5. I think we should wait for the fall and try Galaxy Note Edge 2.

We all must be aware about the fact that almost every woman has a desire to go along with the latest trend and fashion. They keep themselves well updated about the on-going fashion world and according for clothes and various other accessories. For the ones, who are actually not updated with all these must find it a pleasurable experience to update themselves. Not to forget, these trends do not stay for a long time and keeps on changing every now and then. What was in fashion six months back will be considered to be obsolete in the next season. By reading magazines, newspapers and fashion channels you can keep yourself well updated.

Now as summer is approaching, it’s time for you to revitalize your entire wardrobe with latest summer clothes. Ratedekho is all geared up to get a complete makeover of every woman with their lovely summery dresses. Now let’s have a look at some of these trends that you cannot tend to overlook at all.

Retro look: Yeah!! Retro look is again back in fashion now. Lace fabrics, pencil skirts are very much preferred by girls as well as women of today’s generation. Indian retro look definitely delivers fragility as well as femininity. A short skirt with big flare gives a perfect look of sixties.

Selection of Dresses Become very Important during Summer

Color Blue is in Fashion: Dresses in color blue are certain very much in demand these days. These dresses actually bestow a lively look to the wearer and also give a feeling of nobility as well as tranquility. Moreover, it is quite easy to mix and match this color various other colors and prints.

It is sure that you all will have fun time this summer with the brightest of colors. When you are choosing a particular dress for yourself, it is advisable to go for something really bright and vibrant for happy occasions. And if you wish to know about the other in-demand colors of this approaching summer clothing, these are different shades of pink, red, fuchsia, orange and coral colors. These colors display a feminine touch at its best which other colors cannot. We all never want to be left out from the latest trend; keeping oneself updated with it is extremely very important.

During summer season, women love moving out for kitty parties and clubs in the afternoon. For that, if they opt for a Bohemian style of a summer dress, then it is the best choice. You can come across various patterns and styles of these dresses for a party look. Bohemian style of a dress enhances the beauty of the wearer as it comes in different patterns and colors. The light material will give a soothing and pleasurable experience this summer season.

Luckily, you have so many options available in front of you and Ratedekho is here for you to satisfy you with each and everything you desire. Women with less height and more size can also shop here without any hesitation.

The best things regarding summer is the warm weather, the beach looks more exciting and moreover the love for wearing summer dresses make a grand welcome return through the pits of the wardrobe. The simplest dress for summer season must be a fastener of every woman’s wardrobe.

No wonder, the fashion has evolved to a great extent from past fifty years. If keeps on changing every now and then. Besides, one of the best things that come out of it is that every woman desires to be fashionable as well as at ease at the same time. It is rarely seen that fashion and comfort are used in one single sentence. Whenever you see any fashion show in Milan or somewhere else, most of the time it is seen that the word ‘comfort’ does not come in the priority list of the designers.

summer Dresses

Most Recent Summer Trends

There are certain rules that I consider summer dresses must adhere to in the present day. They ought to be sleeveless but not extremely short. In addition the need to wear sleeveless is just to ‘show off some part of the skin’ and that too in an attractive way. At the same time, utmost care and concern must be taken as far the comfort level is concerned. The basic idea of summer dresses is actually freedom; the wearer must completely feel free to wander here and there with ease. To be more precise, the dresses must not be that revealing and sensational. That definitely will defeat the entire purpose of the piece. Knee length as well as ankle length dresses are also very much in demand these days.


Few tips while purchasing summer Dresses       

When you plan to go for summer shopping, then it is really very important to keep certain things in mind:

  • Firstly, you must try for a cotton material dress and any other light material that is comfortable
  • Secondly, the selection of your dress must be as per your needs and desires and what you require on urgent basis
  • Thirdly, you need to decide the occasion for which you are looking for a dress and then select accordingly
  • Last but not the least; it is wise to opt for bright and vibrant colors during summer time

It is a fact that every year some new fashion designers come up with great designs and fashions. Above all, women go crazy in order to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion. Gone are the days when women used to sacrifice for their own dresses. So now you need not worry about your shopping needs. At Ratedekho, you will come across variety of summer dresses that is in latest trend and style. Over here, you will definitely find something of your choice and at an incredible price range. It has become possible for you to buy nice outfits without breaking the financial statement. Go online and grab yourself lovely summer outfits and enjoy your summer in comfort.



Holi is an ultimate Indian spring festival. This festival of love is celebrated with vibrant colors in a traditional way. It can also be said that Holi is another Indian “Valentine’s day.” From the culture and tradition of Raslila, this festival of colors and love has come up.  Besides, when love is in the air, then Holi gifts can hardly be left far behind. Of course, Holi gifts ought not to be tangible. It may be anything and it must shower your love and care while presenting any gift to your loved ones. These gift ideas make the festival extremely lively with diverse colors of joy and emotion. The pleasure of giving as well as receiving gifts cannot be ignored at all as it is one of the most important parts of social festivals. Hence, Holi is no exception and Holi gifts have a special place in the traditions of India.

Holi offers

Easy Availability of Holi Hampers and Combos

At this point of time, when Holi is approaching we all must be excited for shopping. Do you think that anything can be more expressive and meaningful than crazy Holi Combos and different Holi Hampers? You can get hold of these wonderful hampers and combos at Ratedekdo where special Holi offers are sure to grab your attention to a great extent. You can opt for any combo comprising of different colors, pichkari and balloons. Different colors articulate different kinds of feelings and hence are appropriate for particular occasions. For instance, yellow color is for friendship, success, happiness, pride and luxury. Green color illustrates feeling of immense joy. Red represents love, desire, respect and passion.

Holi Splash Sales on Perfumes and Other Products

Ratedekho is all geared up to offer excellent Holi special deals and discounts to their regular customers. Some of the unique items that you wish to purchase all the time is now not far away. On all the perfumes, may it be men or women, you can avail Flat 50% discount here. This
Holi offer is valid till the festival ends. Apart from perfumes, there are various other items like mobile phones, tabs you can avail cash back if your purchase exceeds Rs.7500 or more with the help of Axis Debit or Credit Card. Each and everything is available here and is just few clicks away from you. So, it time avail to grab Holi special deals that you may not get anywhere else.

Holi offers gifts

For you any of the above mentioned things are simply a click away. You can order it from the convenience of your home or office at any point of time. The services of internet ahs made it really very easy to send gifts to your closed ones who are residing in some other country or city. At Ratedekho you can be assured about the timely delivery of the products at any part of the globe. Hurry up and do not miss the opportunity of various Holi specials that we have for you.

Fashion keeps on changing and that too at a very fast pace with ever changing season. With every forthcoming season, we all start rearranging our wardrobes. During winter months, Sweatshirts and jackets are kept in the front shelves and take a back seat during summer months. There is definitely something satirical about jacket trends this winter. The entire world is bending for the latest trend and fashion.

Latest Winter Fashion of 2013

Essentially winter clothing creates a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Nevertheless, we all know that fashion is all about expressing the exclusivity of one’s personality. The most recent fashion trend these days is Military style. It has actually brought an uprising within the fashion industry. May it be shirt, pant, shoes or any other accessory, each and everything is accessible in army touch. Hence, it is most probably the biggest fashion statement of the year 2013.

duke jacket for men

This year a lot of high street as well as mainstream brands are in fact looking forward for new and innovative military fashion fads, which every one of you will be saluting. It has always been a significant part of fashion world but now it is an influential style for females as well. Bomber jackets, Camo green blazers and fitted coats are some of the hottest takeaways from the spectacular trend of the season. Apart from that, as far as cuts and patterns are concerned, the square cuts, double bottoms up and clean lines truly add charisma and grace to the wearer. Therefore, these jackets give a killer look when worn with exquisite trousers.

Class and fashion of Sweatshirts

At this time of the year, you will come across top celebrities as well as models who are flaunting their sizzling fashion staple of sweatshirts. This cozy garment is one of the foremost choices of every individual this winter season. Printed round neck sweatshirts with ribbed cuffs is one of the favorite winter items of everyman. Here we will be discussing about the secret behind getting hold of a jacket that suits the everyday requirements and needs. Some of the basic styles are easily accessible for you at Ratedekho.

jackets for men

Front pocket sweatshirts and a hood are in action this winter season. Boys as well as modern men love to show off their fashionable sweatshirts in casual occasions. It actually gives a frame to the complete outfit of men. A remarkable and appealing look can be acquired by wearing a sweatshirt with a pair of denims. On the other hand, these winter garments accessible here are worth the money spent and it is a surety that that it would last for quite a longer time period

Just browse through our extensive range of gallery to get a view as what is in latest fashion this winter. You will get to know which jackets or sweatshirts will excite you the most. Now it’s time to update your collection for winter by adding various pieces of jackets or sweatshirts that has been discussed above. These are such important clothing items and one should definitely possess these items to express themselves in a much better way.

All of us have come across situations wherein some important files and folders saved on our PC and laptops have got corrupt. A lot of times in a hurry, we permanently delete important files. Files once deleted from the recycle bin or by using the shift + delete keys become irrecoverable.

data recovery software.

However, the solution to this problem is the data recovery software. These deleted or corrupt files cannot be retrieved by the user without this software. When the files are deleted permanently from the recycle bin, they are available on the hard drive, USB drive or media card etc. The data recovery software searches these devices extensively and retrieves:

  • Accidently deleted files

  • Files damaged during formatting of hard disk

  • Deleted or damaged partitions

  • Pictures or video clips deleted from the local drive etc.

A number of software’s are available in the market for this purpose. However, Kernel for Windows Software is by far the best data recovery software. This software is apt for personal use as well as commercial use. There are three versions of this product – Home/SOHO License for PC and laptops used for personal work, Government/Corporate License for small or big enterprises, corporate, Government institutions etc. and Technician License for organizations involved in computer repairs and data recovery. In all these spheres the Kernel for Windows Software has proved to be the best data recovery software.

The windows data recovery software enables:

  • Recovery of lost and deleted files including photos, videos, music files etc

  • Data Recovery of corrupt and virus affected files

  • Recovery of files damaged during formatting of hard disk

  • Data Recovery from partitions after formatting

  • Recovery of Data following the loss of MBR, File Allocation Table or Boot sector

With such great advantages, the windows data recovery software is a great tool to purchase. There are many options online whereby customers can first download a trial version of the windows data recovery software and when convinced they can buy it online.

The file recovery software usually comes with a wizard guide to help the user make the search fast. The user has an option to condense his search by mentioning the location of the file to be recovered or its name or the type of file. Using this file recovery software the user can scan the hard drive, USB drive and memory card to locate the deleted file. If the required file is not found, the deep scan mode option can be used. Once the file is located, it can be saved to any of the drives attached to the system. The software can also prevent future recovery of the file by overwriting the deleted file. FAT and NTFS file systems are supported by these software.

Next time if you lose any valuable data from your computer, laptop, mobile phone or any device working on Windows platform, do not panic. Simply invest in Windows data recovery software and recover all your lost data. These software’s are extremely secure and there is no fear of the deleted data getting permanently corrupt at the time of installation or recovery process of these software.

Samsung has always come up with a glimmer and astonishes its users, may it be it is in modernization, technology, know-how or advertising strategies. The most recent buzz within the market is regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. With the intension to attract more and more consumers and make them believe that this brand doesn’t endeavor to make just profits, Samsung in fact look after the needs of the consumers. Moreover, Samsung has also implemented the strategy of several other important companies who are basically attracting the consumers by manufacturing trendy smart phones with high-quality performance and exceptional lineaments.

The recent Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom features complete telephony features, but its major focus is on photography.  This handset is mainly highlighting its picture-clicking abilities. It comes with a 16 MP camera with 10x zoom lens and Optical Image Stabilization. The S4 Zoom comprises of a control ring in the region of the lens similar to some high-end point-and-shoots, LED light and a xenon flash. The lens is extremely wide ranging from 24mm to 35mm and the aperture sets out from f/3.1 to f/6.3. It also has a mechanical shutter. These are just the camera specifications and the rest is totally a full-featured Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom, predictably, functions on Android 4.2.2 and the newest Jelly Bean version. Apart from that, the display screen is 4.3-inches with Super AMOLED touchscreen along with 540 x 960 resolution pixels. As compared to Samsung Galaxy S4 this phone is smaller, despite the fact that it weighs more because of its zoom lens. It comes with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. There has been a demotion of its processor from quad-core to dual-core. This smartphone features 8 GB internal memory storage which can be expanded up to 64 GB with the help of MicroSD card. Furthermore, it is power-driven by 2330 mAh li-Ion battery.

Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is likely to attract to the mainstream smartphone consumer. The 16 MP rear end cameras will surely be very inspiring, but the front camera for video-calling is just 1.9 MP. Its camera comprises of various extraordinary features such as touch focus, HDR, geo-tagging, panorama and face as well as smile detection. Besides that, quicker browsing and speedy responsiveness of this gadget has actually made it extremely user-friendly. The appearance and the design of this phone is incredibly stylish. Various other sensors are implanted in Galaxy S4 Zoom which makes the general performance more rapid and faster.


It has been anticipated that Samsung would definitely come up to launch something unexpected in the market; and here it is Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. It just comes in white color and it is expected to be available in the market within the third quarter of this year. Thus, it can be said that the internal hardware specifications of Galaxy S4 Zoom are quite related to the smart phones available in the Galaxy S4 series. Samsung is all geared up to launch this monster handset in the market very quickly.